Our Gate

Took advantage of some nice weather to take on a project replacing an old falling down gate. We shopped around and couldn’t find a gate that met our rigid standards. Made a trip to the sawmill on the Blenheim Palace estate and bought some planks.

Following strict supervision from Mrs. cactusTom, Mr. cactusTom constructed a gate the Duke of Marlborough would be proud of…

7 thoughts on “Our Gate

    • Not only is the gate so very beautiful but the bird song in the background is amazing. Love it.

      • Glad you liked the bird song… we imported the birds specially from the south American rainforest!

  1. Nice work. It’s good to see what you retired folks do while we are hard at work! The Grandkids will come by and put a coat of stain on it for you.

    P.S Is that my drill? :-)

    • No, that’s my worn-out drill that you borrowed to dig the Channel Tunnel :-( btw… thanks for returning it! :-)

  2. The Duke of Marlborough couldn’t have done it better himself. Excellent work.

    (And excellent camera work Mrs. cactusTom)

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