Our glamorous life… Double Feature!

From our Menorcan hotel room…

Following on from the dizzying heights of our video from our hotel balcony, here is the rest of the story… This video (apologies for  my shaky SpyCam) gives a flavour of our 40th Wedding anniversary back on the magic island of Menorca. It was a wonderful trip, and the preceding 40 years were  a “piece of cake”, thanks to my Anchor!

3 thoughts on “Our glamorous life… Double Feature!

  1. Beautiful people, photos, videos, scenery, narrative and music! What a lovely way to spend your 40th! P.S. You shoulda ordered the Large beer. :-)

  2. Truly wonderful… Soon as I retire, Mom and I are moving into one of the “rich people” houses! Love, Dad

  3. Thanks for the comments! There is a caption on the video with the tag “Sheilah’s Torpedo”… I just want to make it clear that the reference is about our long standing love of the movie “African Queen”… Katherine Hepburn asks Bogey if he can make a Torpedo and her confidence in him unlocks talents that transformed him into a hero.

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