What we did on our vacation

We are back from our Menorca vacation and are wondering where the time went.

Our outbound flight was at 5:30am on a Friday.  We decided to treat ourselves and take a Thursday bus to Gatwick with an overnight stay at the Gatwick Hilton (in the Wayne Newton Suite).  It was great getting up in the morning and just walking over to the terminal.

When we landed in Menorca it was raining… but at least it was raining on palm trees… by afternoon the sun was out and we were splashing in the Mediterranean.

We hope you enjoy our video diary of the trip…

Mrs. cactusTom says, “Peeks and boats don’t mix!”

3 thoughts on “What we did on our vacation

  1. That's mighty fine expensive gear you got there Hooper, I don't know that shark will do with it, might eat it I suppose……Very nice. As if I wasn't jealous already :-)Matthew

  2. Fantastic, as usual! Menorca is so beautiful, and you guys look great I do have a suggestion… you’re gonna need a bigger boat. LOL!!!!! That was so funny. Cracked me up! Sheilah is such a good sport. Love, Deb

  3. Glad you picked up on the Jaws scenario… when we were heading back to port and the waves were crashing and we had to hold on just to stay in our seats it was like when Jaws had hooked 3 barrels… EXHILARATING! The dangerous part was when we tied up to a cliff on a remote beach for a nude orgy picnic. Disembarking required the skills of an acrobat… but it was worth it :-)

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